Assiot members

Today Assiot associates more than one hundred companies, the most representative of the sector, which expresses , overall covers, about 60% of the Italian production and almost the 70% of exports in the sector. The most important manufacturers of gears, mechanical drives, transmission components, and also bearings and supports, are associated in Assiot. Among the members there are, in addition, other stakeholders (manufacturers of lubricants, tools, machine tools, products for finishing materials, heat treatment providers, media groups…)


Assiot aims to coordinate, protect and promote technical and economic interests of the engineering industry in Italy and abroad. In particular, it aims to bring together its members for discussion about issues of common interest, representing member companies at national and international organizations and institutes, to study and solve technical, economic, legislative and fiscal issues.


Assiot offers its members a range of commercial and technical services. Commercial services include surveys of the national market of motion and power transmissions processed by Assiot; six-monthly economic survey, which are essential tools for operating marketing and sales offices; study and implementation of technical courses for business; general conditions of sale, designed by Assiot legal counsel specifically for companies in the sector; organization of economic, thematic “ad hoc” analysis to monitor market trends;

participation in trade fairs; exchange of economic information with similar international associations and users. Concerning technical services for its members, Assiot offers professionalization of technical courses to fill gaps in staff training; scheduling visits to client companies in the industry, manufacturers of machine tools and related services; organization of round tables to discuss technical issues; a rules list, compiled annually by Assiot, which collects all the industry regulations and the sector service purchasing regulations; relationships to solve technical problems with associations and organizations such as UNI, ISO, EUROTRANS, CERMET, with the participation of their representatives in the work of ISO and UNI regulations; guidelines to allow dissemination of best practices in the industry and to solve the problems that inevitably arise with partners upstream and downstream the Transimission production process.

The network

Assiot is member of CONFINDUSTRIA through ANIE Federation, – National Federation of Electrotechnical and Electronics Industries – it develops important synergies with various associations, thanks to the complementary markets of the companies represented, notwithstanding the identity of Assiot regarding provision of services targeted to the needs of the sector in addition to the ANIE and CONFINDUSTRIA centralized services. Assiot is also members of EUROTRANS (European Committee of Associations of Manufacturers of Gears and transmission) through which collaborates with European associations.


InMotion, born in Aprile 2013, is the new official organ of Assiot, Assofluid, in collaboration with the Group of Mechatronics ANIE-AssoAutomazione. Edited by PubliTec, this bilingual magazine offers a global overview of Technologies for Power Transmission and Automation, dealing with Mechatronic Systems and Components of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Automation and Security. InMotion is able to offer topics of great interest to all stakeholders in the industry and provides updated informations on the activities of the three associations.

Power And Motion World

In order to increase its vibility in new media, Assiot has created the platform “”, where, alongside Assiot corporate website, you can find the most modern portals for sharing news, photos and videos on-line, connected to each other at the same time.
Together with the platform it has been created “” born, a specific virtual community that will give the opportunity to each “actor” with interests in the world of Motion and Power Transmission Systems, to make their own voice heard and to dialogue with those who share with him the same passions, and finally, the website and com: a real excellence’s Italian showcase in the sector, where each member will have the opportunity to present their products and services.